5 High-Paying Careers for Math Haters

For a variety of media channels, such as websites, ads, and branding materials, graphic designers produce visual content.

1. A graphic artist

Clothing and accessories are made by fashion designers.Their areas of expertise are creativity, design, and trend analysis; maths is typically not a significant component of the profession.

2. An apparel designer 

Conferences, weddings, and business meetings are just a few of the events that event planners organise and oversee. With little reliance on math, strong organisational abilities, attention to detail, and inventiveness are essential.

 3. Event Planner

 PR professionals look after a person or an organization's communication and image. They plan media strategies, maintain press contacts, and handle crisis management, all of which call for excellent strategic and communication abilities.

4. Public relations supervisor

In industries like advertising, marketing, or design, creative directors are responsible for overseeing the creative vision and strategy.

5. The Art Director